"I ask you to ensure humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it."

- Pope Francis

The Business Honors Program of the Mendoza College of Business takes a deeper look at the moral purpose of business and how it can contribute to human flourishing. It asks students to go beyond mastery of the technical skills of business and ask how they can use those skills to contribute to a just and humane society. It challenges students to ask how they themselves can contribute, and how they will dedicate themselves, to Mendoza's mission to "Grow the Good in Business."

Admission is open to all Notre Dame First-Year students pre-admitted to Mendoza as well as to those seeking to transfer into Mendoza.

Acceptance into the Business Honors Program is competitive. To qualify, a student must demonstrate an interest in advancing business as a force for contributing to human flourishing, as well as a high level of academic achievement and intellectual curiosity.